Growth mindset?

I have taken down some of my previously published books. This is partly because I have been thinking about how I have changed as a writer and want to review them. It maybe that when I do, they reappear unedited. Or not. Who knows. Not me, not yet anyway.

Although only a few of my books are ‘out there’ I am an avid writer of novels and have produced many completed manuscripts. Some have been tucked away in a metaphorical drawer for further thought, others are in literary competitions and so cannot be published here or anywhere else for the time being.

In other news, I expect to have some new short stories up soon, more twisting tales touched with misery 😀

Lastly, since I have now more than one ‘award’, here is a list:

  • The Last Tiger, Exeter Novel Prize long list 2015 (taken down for review)
  • A Touch of Mother, A Woman’s Write honourable mention 2021 (in the what-to-do-with-it-now drawer)

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