‘The Cult of Following, Book One’ by Barbara Jaques

In Book One of The Cult of Following Trilogy, Englishman, Percy Field, takes his first uncertain steps towards a future no one could have foretold …

Misanthrope, Percy Field, is completely at ease amongst his reserved middle England community.  However, if he is to rescue his floundering marriage he must follow his wife and her job to Singapore.

Percy’s new home is exactly as he imagined it to be: too hot, too humid, too different, an annoying place where even his habitual comfort of picking fault doesn’t provide enough consolation.

Percy tries to improve his lot by making friends; a feat he has never before attempted, viewing it as unnecessary, undesirable and definitely not English!  With the help of Singaporean, Joyann Tann, Percy begins to navigate the treacherous waters of social interaction only to find that unknown dangers lurk beneath the depths.

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